Thursday, 8 May 2014

Wahala! Man Marries Two Wives At Church On Same Day

It’s not a movie scene, it is real. Christianity as many people know it permits a man to marry only one wife, the strict doctrine of monogamy is preached among all Christians.

While Nigerian pastors are blessing and ordaining thieves in the Church, buying fleets of cars, jets and building empires, Zairean pastors are doing as well, blessing as many as two women to one man.

Pictured above is a man standing in front of a pastor who is blessing the marriage of a man to as many as two women at a time. The funny thing here is that the pastor is also going to quote from the same Holy bible.


  1. That man is not a real man of God. We should have been living in d days of d old testament instead of these blasphemy.

  2. Hhahaha! Maybe its a Mormon Church. They allow such things

  3. He serves hımself! Not God! Hope Emeghara