Friday, 9 May 2014

Read the touching piece Beverly Osu wrote on Abducted Girls(Read)

Nigerians re under the weather
Bring back our girls
Bring back our mothers
Bring back our future
Bring back our joy
Action speaks louder the words
Let's put a stop to abduction
 Let's put a stop to corruption
 It's raining sorrow
Bring back our tomorrow
 Who are they?
Why are they doing this?
 What do they what?
 Questions asked
Answers concealed
 Real men don't buy girls
Real men don't rape girls
 Real men are fathers & leaders
 Stop the violence
Listen to the beautiful sound of the violin
#bringbackourgirls #beverlysays #234 #nigerians God never gave us(humans) authority over a fellow human's life ������☹��������


  1. Brıllıant! #brıngbackourgırls. Hope Emeghara