Monday, 28 April 2014

Photo : “She is 15 I’m 28-Year-old ,We Are Madly In Love ” – Naija Guy Shares Bedroom Photos


I read this, and I just had to share it, This is something we don’t see all the time, A nigerian guy took to his social media account to announce to the world that he is in love with a teenager who is 13 years younger than him.  with a lot of boldness in him.


 This is why a law of adulthood should be set up in a country like Nigeria as this men are going to keep taking advantages of all these young girls  and deceiving them into believing that they are in love. We want to hear from you guys, Do you think it is ok for a 28-year-old guy to date a 15-year-old?


  1. Quit sleepn wiv her and we will knw how true

  2. Chıld abuse! That gırl dont have parents or wat? Hope Emeghara

  3. We do have such laws. Enforcement is the problem. This is statutory rape if true but I'm not so sure how genuine this is.